For cross border retailers, the French market offers considerable expansion potential. France is the sixth largest e-commerce market in the world, with 88% of its population connected to the internet, and 67% identifying as “active online shoppers.” With its population of younger, savvy, digital-first consumers who are open to making purchases from cross border retailers, France can be an attractive expansion market, particularly in the fashion and health and beauty sectors.

Brands and retailers who are already selling in other EU nations may have the logistical infrastructure and pricing strategies they need for a smooth market entry. Still, even an experienced cross border e-commerce business needs to do research on consumers in this sophisticated, savvy market to ensure success. That is why Flow experts developed this ebook, “Cross Border is En Vogue: How to Sell in France,” to highlight key considerations in order to ensure a frictionless market entry.

In this ebook, the experts at Flow cover the following:

  • Market Trends

  • Cross Border E-Commerce Opportunity

  • Key Considerations

  • Consumer Behaviors

  • Logistics

  • Customs, Pricing, and Landed Costs

  • Payments

  • Delivery

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