Cross-Border At A Glance: The Data You Need to Assess New Market Entry

2019-09-04T12:46:58-03:00September 5th, 2019|Cross Border Opportunity|

Earlier this year, Flow commissioned a study of consumers in 11 top markets (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, U.K. and U.S.) to assess their online cross-border shopping behaviors and preferences.  In case you missed it, we previously published a Global Research Report highlighting the most prominent similarities and differences between these markets.  The information in this report has proved useful to online merchants and brands that are assessing global market entry and are seeking data on consumer attitudes and shopping trends in specific countries or regions.

To help uncover some of the different shopping preferences and behaviors in each market, we have developed a series of infographics to present data highlights by country.  To date, we’ve published 5 infographics for Australian, Canadian, French, German and the U.K. online shoppers.  Some of the data points include various demographic information on cross-border shoppers, popular countries to purchase cross-border from, and primary barriers deterring online shoppers from purchasing goods outside their home country.

Some compelling trends emerge after careful examination of the data. For example, the high cost of shipping and slow delivery were particular concerns for cross-border shoppers across all 11 markets. Interestingly, high taxes/duties and costly currency exchange rates were significant barriers for Australian, Canadian, and U.K. online shoppers in particular. Concerns over site security appeared in the top 5 barriers to cross-border shopping for both French and German shoppers, whereas this factor did not appear in the top 5 barriers for consumers in many other markets.

To learn more about consumers in each of these 11 markets, download our country-specific infographics today available in our Resources section.


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Juliana Pereira is Vice President, Marketing at Flow Commerce. With 15 years experience in marketing and ecommerce, Juliana joined the Flow team after serving as Vice President of Marketing at Smartling. Previously Juliana worked across a variety of verticals and industries, from non-profits and publishing to tech and fashion, including management positions and key contributing roles at Ralph Lauren, The Met Store online (at The Metropolitan Museum of Art), Ziff Davis, and eMusic.