Global Research Report: Cross-Border E-Commerce Trends

This year Flow commissioned a multi-market research survey to gauge cross-border shopping trends in various global markets. We conducted an in-depth survey with 44 questions related to consumer attitudes and behaviors on e-commerce sites. The sample was defined as ages 18-54 who had shopped for apparel online within the past year and each market had a total of 385 respondents. High-level results of this comprehensive research project are contained in our free whitepaper, “Cross-Border E-Commerce Trends.”

Brands and retailers at all stages of their cross border e-commerce journey can find valuable information in this new whitepaper that will help them:

  • Understand the impact of demographics on cross-border shopping
  • Decide which new global markets to enter
  • Validate the primary barriers to cross-border shopping
  • Establish or fine-tune “best practices” in each market where they do business
  • Leverage additional insights around language translation, most popular countries to purchase cross border from, popular product categories for cross-border, and more

In this report, Flow covers the following:

  • Key demographic information about e-commerce shoppers in the Top 11 global markets

  • The most popular countries for cross border purchases

  • The shopping categories in highest demand in each global market

  • Top barriers keeping consumers from making cross border purchases

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