What's the Right Mix of Alternative Payments for Cross-Border E-commerce?

March 1, 2021

Download Flow's newest infographic to learn which payment methods are preferred in the 12 largest cross-border e-commerce markets.

The unprecedented events of 2020 demonstrated how quickly things change. That's why Flow has updated our infographic, Payment Preferences for the 12 Largest Cross-Border Markets, with more recent data sources from 2020. With more global consumers moving to online shopping than ever before, retailers must stay up-to-date on current trends in each market in which they have a presence. From traditional credit cards to digital wallets and everything in between, payment methods vary across regions, and knowing which ones to offer online consumers in different countries is important to increasing conversion. As a cross-border e-commerce merchant, it's important to make the right payment methods available to global shoppers at checkout in order to remove any potential friction in the customer journey.Many direct-to-consumer brands struggle with adding various digital payment methods to their cross-border e-commerce websites. Through Flow, merchants can now make available over 100 payment methods for their cross-border shoppers in different countries.

Download our updated payments preferences infographic today and use the information to plan your cross-border e-commerce strategy with ease.

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