Payment Preferences for the 12 Largest Global Ecommerce Markets

12 Payments of top markets

Alternative payment methods are expected to not just overtake credit cards by 2020, but replace them altogether. While the historically ubiquitous VISA and Mastercard may still prove sufficient for domestic business, just offering these payment options to the most lucrative global ecommerce markets is insufficient for most local customers.

Offering local payment options is critical to increasing conversion and reducing friction at check out. Any retailer or brand going global should keep this cheat sheet handy to know exactly how their new international consumers want (and expect) to be able to pay.


  • Payment preferences for each of the top 12 most lucrative global ecommerce markets (including China, the UK, the Netherlands, South Korea and more)
  • Ecommerce market size for top 12 ecommerce markets
  • Alternative payment method preferences by market
  • Top 50 alternative payment types globally grouped by region

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