Carbon38 is Ready-to-Wear, Anywhere in the World, with Flow

October 19, 2018

High-end athletic wear is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. Research firm Euromonitor reports that "sales of sportswear, which includes items such as yoga pants and activewear, outpaced all other categories for the third year in a row, increasing just under 7% in 2016, causing growth in other categories to look rather tame in comparison." One of the top trendsetters and taste-makers in this highly competitive field is Carbon38.

Carbon38 is leading a true cultural shift in the way women are dressing, and in pioneering a new class of fashion: luxury active apparel. Fashionable, high-end active wear is one of the hottest consumer trends in nearly every global market, and Carbon38 has built a large and devoted following in both the fashion and fitness worlds. Just last fall, Harper's Bazaar named Carbon38 one of the year's "10 Rising Activewear Brands," giving some of the long-established brands in the activewear space some formidable competition.

When it came time for the fashion retailer to create a fully branded, localized shopping experience for global consumers, Carbon38 turned to us for help. The cross border e-commerce team at Flow is proud and excited to provide the technology solution that successfully removes friction from Carbon38's online store in each target country, so their luxury fitness clothing is more easily accessible to a fast-growing international customer base.

"We are thrilled to partner with Flow to provide our customers with this innovative service, creating a more seamless and customized approach across the globe from the United Kingdom to China and everywhere in between," said Joseph Littlefield, Vice President of Operations for Carbon38. "Launching an updated e-commerce platform is part of our mission to provide women access to amazing curated brands, allowing Carbon38 to further establish an exceptional localized customer experience."

Read our full press release for more information. If you're interested in expanding your brand into new global markets, request a Flow demo to see how our flexible international e-commerce platform has helped many retailers like Carbon38.