June 4, 2019

3 Tips for Successfully Launching E-Commerce Brands Internationally

After a few years of establishing a relationship with American consumers & growing domestic popularity, it's time to expand into new territory.

After a few years of establishing a great relationship with American consumers and growing domestic popularity, it's time to expand into new territory and sell cross-border.

About Flow Commerce

Most e-commerce businesses struggle with the complexities of selling their products internationally. The problem is, they don’t have the tools or the flexibility they need to sell cross-border, and existing solutions are missing the mark. At Flow, we believe there’s a better way and that global e-commerce should simply work. We have first-hand experience with cross-border challenges from our days working at well-known global brands, which is why we built a next-generation engine to power global growth for ambitious e-commerce businesses. Our solution automates and simplifies the international e-commerce process for our clients. We remove the barriers of cross-border commerce by offering benefits such as multi-currency pricing, cost-efficient and rapid shipping, international payment options, well-defined taxes and duties, and simple returns. Now, global brands like MZ Wallace, Outerknown, Charles & Colvard, and others can increase their customer conversion and grow international revenue.

Juliana Pereira - VP Marketing, Flow Commerce