Navigating the New Normal: Driving Business Growth with Cross-Border E-Commerce

With an increasing number of consumers shopping online as a result of the pandemic, e-commerce is positioned to continue growing within the retail sector. As retail businesses adapt to the ‘new normal’ where online shopping plays a central role, brands are discovering that cross-border e-commerce offers the opportunity for considerable business growth, particularly during unexpected market disruptions.

This webinar will present different perspectives on the critical role of cross-border e-commerce, and will feature three expert speakers in online retail including Forrester Senior Analyst Lily Varon, Flow Commerce CEO Rob Keve, and Head of eCommerce & Marketing Katelyn Glass from Rowing Blazers, a leading American fashion and lifestyle brand.

The webinar will present Forrester’s latest research on global e-commerce and will examine Rowing Blazer’s international e-commerce strategy and their decision to partner with Flow to ensure cross-border success. 

Attendees will come away from the presentation with:

  • Insights into the development of the global e-commerce market and trends driving cross-border growth

  • Recommendations for a successful cross-border approach no matter if your business is in survival mode, adaptive mode, or growth mode

  • Best practices for cross-border selling that increases customer acquisition and drives demand for goods in global markets

  • Actionable steps for launching and optimizing a cross-border e-commerce strategy to achieve global business goals