Inclusive Fashion On A Global Scale: How Universal Standard Leverages Cross-Border to Drive International Sales

Cross-border e-commerce is exploding. But many e-commerce brands aren’t embracing the opportunity. The ones that can’t or haven’t adapted to international selling are missing out on the growing international traffic to their websites in the wake of the pandemic and continued social distancing. We’re seeing that e-commerce is positioned to continue growing within the retail sector.

This webinar examines the cross-border approach of Universal Standard, a revolutionary plus sized fashion brand, and how they are leveraging this opportunity to expand their business and win on the global stage. Flow CEO Rob Keve guides the discussion and examines the different facets of the fashion brand’s cross-border execution to show how online retailers everywhere can execute a winning global strategy. 

Viewers of this webinar will come away from the presentation with: 

Topics covered include:

  • Insights into a successful cross-border approach

  • Tactics that allow brands to shift gears quickly in response to market disruptions

  • Recommendations for executing the strategy that works for your brand

  • Best practices for cross-border selling that increases customer acquisition and drive demand for goods in global markets

  • Actionable steps for launching and optimizing a cross-border e-commerce strategy to achieve global business goals

Our friends at GELF also offered compelling commentary on the state of the global e-commerce market, and Rob rounded out the discussion with nuanced data and insights into the cross-border space.