Gift Sellers Guide to Global Holidays

U.S.-based brands and retailers plan for months to maximize revenue around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. After all, these are the biggest retail shopping holidays of the entire year. But for brands and retailers who are focused on global expansion, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just the beginning. Cross border e-commerce requires brands and retailers to stay on top of other global holidays that present opportunities for gift selling.

When it comes to holiday gift selling, it’s not just about when to offer special deals, but also what to offer. Brands and retailers need to be cognizant of certain traditions and the types of goods associated with each holiday. The global e-commerce experts at Flow have compiled this handy reference guide of the most important global gift-selling holidays. Refer back to it and keep in mind that some countries celebrate the same holiday in different ways and even on different dates.

In this ebook, the experts at Flow cover the following:

  • Major global holidays to know

  • Popular regions for these holidays

  • Traditions & Gifting habits

  • E-Commerce Tips

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