Flow will once again participate in the Global E-Commerce Leadership Forum (GELF) event on Thursday, September 19 in New York City. Throughout the day, GELF speakers will deliver useful insights and successful tactics on how to grow your cross-border e-commerce business. 

Some of the world’s top global e-commerce leaders will be attending and presenting educational sessions. A majority of the sessions are focused on ramping up cross border e-commerce in one of the hottest global markets: China. As noted on the GELF event schedule, “China continues to be the #1 topic of interest at GELF gatherings.” Information and advice about the Chinese e-commerce market is in such high demand that the GELF team organized a half-day workshop devoted to China the day before the main event. 

Kicking things off at the main event’s opening keynote address, “The Rise of Global Ecommerce Platforms,” Walmart’s new senior vice president of cross-border e-commerce will discuss “the headwaters of retail innovation, China’s retail ecosystem.” Then, at 10:30 a.m., the panel discussion, “Global Growth Showcase: What’s Next for China E-commerce?” will dive into emerging retail technology and marketing trends in China. Alibaba, JD.com, WeChat, TikTok and other opportunities for global retailers will be examined.

It’s easy to see why retailers are so eager to break into this market. With a massive population of online shoppers who gravitate towards high-end global fashion brands, China wields extraordinary purchasing power. This market can offer cross border e-commerce companies unprecedented growth opportunities and revenue streams. But there are numerous challenges that can cause a bumpy market entry for the unprepared. A localized online store with the right mix of payment options is absolutely crucial in this market. Competition is fierce, with cross border brands forced to compete against Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant that is bigger than Amazon and EBay combined.

When the market entry stakes are that high, brands and retailers are wise to bring in partners instead of going it alone. That’s why we’re looking forward to GELF’s “Next-Gen Global Ecommerce Mashup,” scheduled for 3:30 p.m. It features panelist YuJin Yong, Senior Director of Direct to Consumer with MZ Wallace, a Flow customer. The New York City-based handbag and accessory retailer worked with our cross border e-commerce experts to execute an organized international e-commerce strategy that took their brand into 130 global markets. Today, MZ Wallace is in high growth mode internationally and is experiencing a 50% increase in efficiency for its international logistics and an amazing 79% increase in international transactions since working with Flow. 

We’re looking forward to seeing our global e-commerce customers, and meeting with online retailers who are still on the hunt for the right cross-border e-commerce solution. If you’d like to set up a conversation at GELF NYC with a Flow expert, get in touch today