What Kind of Success Does Cross-Border Deliver?

August 26, 2021

What would you say if your brand could launch and scale its cross-border presence and see results like:

  • An 185% increase in cross-border conversion rates
  • International revenue growth of 141%
  • A 32% bump in average order value
  • Cost savings on shipping of 20%

...and would you believe it? Clients across all verticals are seeing these results by using a comprehensive, powerful solution like Flow. We'd like to share with you some of these stories so that you can see how a solid cross-border approach can be a growth strategy for your business.

Up-and-coming brand Rowing Blazers began seeing dramatic domestic growth over the past few years but noticed their cross-border sales weren't keeping pace. The brand could see that, despite increased traffic, conversion rates were lacking due to the poor onsite experience for international shoppers and prohibitively high shipping costs. So they turned to Flow to help. Leveraging Flow's solution, Rowing Blazers could localize payments and offer local currency pricing to their shoppers, incrementally increasing conversion rates. By lowering shipping costs and offering simple returns, international sales took off. In addition to the impressive increases in conversion and revenue, the brand now has almost 20% of it's total sales coming from cross-border e-commerce.

Made In found that it's 100-year family heritage providing exceptional cookware was quickly growing in popularity around the globe. Since the very first order they tried to fulfill, the brand knew that doing cross-border alone wasn't going to work for the business. They needed a partner to help, and turned to Flow. Since their launch, the exponential increase in revenue and number of transactions has been staggering and an clear game-changer for the business. The brand leaned on Flow's expertise to confidently expand into new markets and unlock that global potentially they could see was there. And by using Flow's platform the brand could accurately calculate and manage the display of duties and taxes, offer local payments and list prices in the local currency, along with streamlining  shipping. And today, the results speak to their success. For more detail on their cross-border journey, watch our webinar with Made In CEO Chip Malt to learn more about the nuances in their approach to global e-commerce.

To be an inclusive fashion brand, international commerce needs to be a core mission of a brand. With demand quickly building around the world, Universal Standard, a brand that offers premium fashion to women of all sizes, had to fast-track their international strategy to achieve that inclusiveness their brand is known for. Hiring employees on the ground in each global market wasn't an option. International shipping was too challenging and the lack of localization across their global experiences was hitting the business hard. With Flow's technology, the brand could delight their shoppers and build a larger customer base by delivering the same onsite experience as they did to domestic shoppers. It's no surprise that international orders grew impressively in line with the number of transactions from international customers. And as an added bonus, the brand realized impressive reductions in average shipping times.

The results our clients don't stop there. Check out our resources page and take a look at all our case studies. We also have webinars and interviews with several clients available here for your convenience.

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