Last week we hosted a webinar with our friends at the Global E-commerce Leaders Forum featuring one of our notable clients, Outerknown, and exploring their cross-border journey.

The current global events have drastically shifted the majority of consumer shopping to online, as we all already know. These changes in consumer behavior are unprecedented and could have never been predicted.  Brands that have embraced the digital space certainly have an advantage.  And for those conducting business cross-border, the upside in this situation is even greater.

Cross-border e-commerce in times of crisis is a way for brands to expand their reach and drive demand for goods in less affected markets, particularly when domestic sales decline. This webinar examines the different ways that online brands can refine their approach to cross-border to expand global business, recover revenue lost in domestic or other markets, and access a broader audience.

Flow CEO Rob Keve interviewed CFO/COO Travis Heard of Outerknown about the challenges of cross-border as well as solutions for driving a successful strategy in our webinar The Path Ahead: Crafting a Cross-Border Strategy in Response to Today’s Environment.  

Some of the actionable steps for optimizing a cross-border approach that were presented include:

  • Know your international site traffic and international potential.
  • Act. Don’t wait. The opportunity cost is high.
  • Think Big. Your customer profile is similar around the world.
  • Define. Ensure a strong, thoughtful international consumer experience.
  • Solve. Approach cross-border by leveraging the right technology partner.

Our friends at GELF also offered interesting commentary on the state of the global e-commerce market, and Rob rounded out the discussion with nuanced data and insights into the cross-border space.

In case you missed the webinar last week, or if you would like to review the data and information again, you can listen to the full recording or view the slides at your leisure here.

Watch the Webinar.