Three A/B Tests to Boost Global Conversion This Holiday Season

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It’s no secret that most eCommerce brands and retailers experience spikes in online traffic during the holidays, making this a prime time to run A/B tests for both your domestic and global sites. More traffic means you’ll hit confidence levels faster on your tests and gain valuable learnings for optimizing your site during the holiday rush. This allows you to iterate rapidly and roll out better experiences for your local and global shoppers while boosting
conversion rates during a key selling season.

Here are three high impact tests that you can try this year:

1. Shipping Options

Testing different shipping options is a great way to discover the kinds of pricing and delivery methods they respond to best. You might find that some markets prefer a flat rate shipping option over free shipping above a price threshold; in other markets, tiered rates might be more attractive to customers.

2. Discounts and Promotions

Similar to shipping, your domestic and international customers may respond differently to promotions depending on their local shopping habits. It’s important to test offers in different markets so that you can stay competitive against local retailers in those countries. Some promotions to test include ‘buy one get one’ offers, a gift with purchase, a specific currency discount, and percentage discounts.

3. Payment Methods

There are hundreds of different payments methods used all over the world, and shoppers expect to pay in their preferred method, from traditional credit cards to online payment services, and cryptocurrencies. Once you establish the payment methods that are the most important to your audience, you’ll want to consider testing the number that you make available to your customers. Offering too many payment options can complicate the checkout process, confuse shoppers, and negatively impact conversion rates.

With the right tools and solutions partners, like Flow Commerce, you can easily A/B test the customer experience across all markets and drive significant improvements to your holiday business.

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Andrew is currently Senior Vice President, Product Management at, an API driven SaaS platform for e-commerce merchants to sell and ship globally. Prior to Flow, Andrew held multiple executive technology, product and design leadership roles at Gilt Groupe, iHeartMedia, BaubleBar and Lot18. Formerly, Andrew spent time leading technology economic development in NYC under Mayor Bloomberg, cofounded multiple startups, and spent over half a decade as a management consultant advising Fortune 100 companies. Andrew graduated from Yale University with a BA in Economics.