Outerknown Case Study: A Sustainable Approach to Cross Border E-Commerce Success

2019-09-09T14:00:12-03:00May 8th, 2019|Customer success stories|

Outerknown was launched by professional surfer Kelly Slater in 2015 to create sustainable, planet friendly men’s & women’s lifestyle clothing. The brand’s mission to protect natural resources, empower the people crafting their clothes, and inspire change within the apparel industry resonated with domestic and international consumers.

However, the brand struggled to localize its currency, target its product catalog and the high expense of shipping hindered their cross-border sales. Outerknown was distributing its international products through wholesalers, but was struggling to match and track the wholesalers’ prices in each local market. Without the flexibility to display prices in local currency, to adjust pricing dynamically or to manage a myriad of categories, the brand was concerned about its ability to optimize the consumer’s experience.

By leveraging Flow’s solution, Outerknown can finally take control over their international consumer experiences, offer free shipping to consumers worldwide, run global marketing programs, and much more.

Read our full case study to learn how Outerknown created a successful and sustainable cross-border strategy, achieving an 100% lift in international sales.


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Juliana Pereira is Vice President, Marketing at Flow Commerce. With 15 years experience in marketing and ecommerce, Juliana joined the Flow team after serving as Vice President of Marketing at Smartling. Previously Juliana worked across a variety of verticals and industries, from non-profits and publishing to tech and fashion, including management positions and key contributing roles at Ralph Lauren, The Met Store online (at The Metropolitan Museum of Art), Ziff Davis, and eMusic.