Our Clients That Are Doing Good During Difficult Times

April 15, 2020

“We’re all in it together.” It’s a phrase we hear often these days to which we can all relate. And being “in it together” has been an opportunity for all of us to come together as a global community. Despite the hardships, many businesses have embraced this refrain by offering support to their communities, near and far.

At Flow, we have been impressed with the way so many retailers are responding to the current global crisis. Some contribute by shifting manufacturing to create much needed medical supplies and clothing for health workers while others are committed to donating proceeds to nonprofits helping communities that are most impacted.

We are so proud and humbled to see that several of our clients are supporting humanitarian efforts in this crisis as well. We want to highlight some of the many brands we partner with that are doing good right now, and we want to share the important contributions they are making to organizations helping those in need.


In March, fashion brand Khaite donated $10,000 to the nonprofit Baby2Baby.  This organization provides essential items to children and families most impacted by the current pandemic. With the number of requests pouring in from school districts, homeless shelters, health clinics, and Head Start programs, Baby2Baby needs help. They require funds to allow them to buy, transport and distribute items like diapers, wipes, blankets, hygiene products and school supplies. And in the 30 days following Khaite’s donation, the brand has committed to donating 10% of their website sales to this important organization.

Made In Cookware

Made In Cookware came about in 2016 as a pioneer in reimagining and rethinking kitchenware. Inspired by their 100-year family history in the industry, the founders partner with multi-generational, family-owned manufacturers in the U.S., France and Italy to source the best raw materials to make top-notch cookware. The brand decided to do their part during this time of crisis by donating 15% of all their sales of their Southern Smoke Knife Collection. These donations are going to the Southern Smoke Foundation, a nonprofit that raises funds to provide assistance and crisis relief to the food and beverage industries and their suppliers to help them make ends meet in this difficult time.  

Milani Cosmetics

In the face of a global health crisis no one could have predicted, Milani Cosmetics believes in finding ways to support those on the front lines so that they can continue to deliver their services and help those in need. Throughout the month of April, this beauty brand has promised to donate 10% of their total online orders to three organizations: Meals on Wheels, CDC Foundation, and No Kid Hungry. To support our senior population, Milani Cosmetics is donating to Meals on Wheels, an organization that supports thousands of community-based senior nutrition programs across America to address senior hunger and isolation through meal deliveries and friendly visits. The second organization the brand supports is The CDC Foundation, an independent nonprofit that provides critical health protection work to help keep people healthy, safe and secure. And last, Milani Cosmetics also supports No Kid Hungry, which provides children with the food they need so that no child in America will go hungry.


A leader in the denim industry, Paige has also made a commitment to its community. Our aging population is at great risk, particularly during this precarious time, which is why this LA-based brand is donating 20% of all the brand’s profits to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels in the month of April. This nonprofit organization recognizes that in the Los Angeles community, over 250,000 seniors are at risk for hunger.  The organization acts as a safety net for many seniors who are hungry and homebound by preparing and delivering nutritious meals to the aging population and other vulnerable residents across Los Angeles.


Men’s premium performance and lifestyle brand Rhone launched Better X Brands, a coalition alongside 26 brands to provide stability during the current crisis. The goal of the coalition is to give back to those in need, so each member is donating 10% of their proceeds to a charity or non-profit of their choice that serves our frontline workers. Rhone has decided to pledge 10% of their net proceeds to Direct Relief over the course of one month. This organization is active in all 50 states in addition to over 80 countries worldwide.  The mission at Direct Relief is to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty, global crises and emergencies to create a safer and healthier global community.

Victoria Beckham Beauty

Founded by two socially-conscious moms, beauty brand Victoria Beckham Beauty has decided to make donations to two organizations during this difficult period. For a limited time, the brand will donate 20% of their net sales to Feeding America in the U.S. and the Trussell Trust in the U.K. Among the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, Feeding America focuses on sourcing nourishing food from farmers, manufacturers and retailers and getting it to people in need to build a path to a food-secure and healthy future. The Trussell Trust supports a network of food banks across the nation to provide emergency food and support to people suffering in poverty, while also leading a campaign to end hunger in the U.K. by providing for all.

We’re proud of our clients that are supporting these wonderful causes.  Here at Flow, we are deeply committed to our individual communities as well, and many Flowites are doing their part through action and donation. Some folks are providing medical supplies directly to healthcare workers on the frontlines, such as making their own masks at home or donating large quantities of supplies to local hospitals.  Others make donations to groups or businesses that send meals, care packages and supplies to healthcare workers, such as the Forrest Hills Collective, the NYC-based coffee shop Bird and Branch and FLAG (Front Line Appreciation Group), based in our home town of Hoboken. Through networks of friends and families, many are supporting hospital workers through GoFundMe campaigns, such as NYBucketListers, A Million Masks, PPE for Jacobi-Montefiore EM, and others, including a hospital in one Flowite’s hometown in Italy. Several on our team have found other ways to do good in their communities, such as making donations to NY Common Pantry and volunteering at local pantries to serve packed meals, like Broadway Presbyterian.  There are those who are providing support to international organizations, like the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund, and to local NYC-based foundations like the New York Women’s Foundation’s COVID-19 Response & Recovery Fund. There are many other organizations that Flowites care about—too numerous to list here—but above all, we strive to be supportive citizens within our local communities, from helping our elderly and at-risk neighbors with grocery shopping and running errands, to providing various degrees of support to our friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances as we all navigate these uncertain circumstances.

It’s important to invest in and strengthen our communities right now. No matter where you are located, there are plenty of opportunities everywhere to support our heroes on the frontlines and the organizations delivering services to keep our communities safe and healthy. Let’s continue to do good together.