Established in 2000, MZ Wallace, an urban inspired handbag and accessories company, is now widely considered as one of the most dynamic brands in fashion. Not only have their wide range of products generated substantial demand domestically, they have also garnered a large amount of international interest. And even though MZ Wallace had been shipping internationally for some time, they knew that their global website experiences could be better optimized for international customers.

With such a significant opportunity to bolster their global success MZ Wallace realized they needed an international partner focused on growth, with a full stack solution to overcome their cross border challenges. That’s when MZ Wallace’s called in the experts at Flow for help. By offering the most flexibility at the best price, Flow was able to accommodate MZ Wallace’s complex use case and provide a high-efficiency, hub-less solution.

Read our latest case study and learn how MZ Wallace increased their international transactions by 79% with localized checkouts in over 130 markets.