Identifying and Eliminating Cross-Border E-commerce Barriers

November 3, 2020

Do you have a shopping cart abandonment problem with your cross-border customers? Download our free infographic to learn more about what may be causing it.

Cart abandonment rate is a key metric for brands and retailers to monitor as an indicator of an online store's overall performance. A high cart abandonment rate is a telltale sign that there is friction in your checkout process or larger challenges with the customer experience.

How serious is the cart abandonment issue for cross-border retailers? Our research shows that 81% of international shoppers have walked away from a shopping cart after a negative experience while trying to make a cross-border purchase. There are several common reasons for this. The shopping, checkout, and shipping preferences of your global customers must drive every decision you make. Providing a localized e-commerce experience takes into account what your customers in any given global market expect and demand. It’s your responsibility to understand which aspects of cross-border shopping can potentially turn off your customer and send them to another e-commerce website. To reduce cart abandonment, retailers must provide a seamless end-to-end experience, from site navigation and transparent pricing in the local currency to the right mix of payment options.

It’s up to you, the retailer, to know what your customers in each market expect from their online experience. To take the guesswork out of customer preferences in some of the top global markets, Flow has created a quick reference guide in the form of an infographic using data from our own research. The infographic takes you through the top barriers that prevent international consumers from making a cross-border e-commerce purchase.

Download the infographic, “Top Barriers to Converting International Customers,” and learn more about the main challenges keeping shoppers in each of the 11 top global markets from shopping cross border.

Generating cross-border traffic on an e-commerce website is challenging enough without these cross-border barriers. If you have noticed an increase in international traffic, but that traffic isn’t converting into sales, Flow can help. Our cross-border e-commerce experts have helped brands across a wide variety of retail categories to improve their conversion rates in every market where they sell.

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