MVMT was founded on the idea of selling stylish, inexpensive watches direct to consumers over the Internet. In five years, the watch and accessory company successfully built a digital-only retail business with $80 million in sales, according to Forbes.

It’s one thing to get people to follow a brand on social media, but it’s quite another to attract followers who will ultimately turn into paying customers. Growing a global ecommerce business requires mastering this challenge, and optimizing a brand’s international conversion rate is essential. This is where MVMT found themselves. Their international social media following was through the roof, but the brand saw a disconnect between engagement on their social channels and transactions through their cross border ecommerce sites. To improve global conversion rates and successfully sell into new markets, MVMT called in the experts at Flow for help. We worked with MVMT to relaunch their international ecommerce sites to optimize for conversion.

Read our latest case study and learn how Flow partnered with MVMT to localize the checkout experience for customers in 200 countries, resulting in $20 million in international revenue for the brand.