How Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs Launched Around the World (and You Can Too)

November 11, 2021

You may think that it takes an army of specialists to pull off a successful day-one global launch, but the small team behind Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories proves the opposite. While the brand may have the backing of an iconic celebrity, it is run by a small team with limited resources. Two of their most significant limitations are time and workforce...sound familiar?

Last Thursday, Molly Rosenman, Vice President of Digital at Haus Laboratories and Rob Keve, CEO & Founder of Flow Commerce presented on a webinar about the brand’s cross-border success. Watch the webinar today to learn about the global launch of Lady Gaga’s signature color cosmetics line. 

Gaga designed this vegan, cruelty-free makeup line to empower her fans through self-expression. It carries a strong message of self-acceptance that resonates in the hearts of 100 million fans worldwide. With a passionate international community of Gaga fans to please, a troubled launch could have been catastrophic. Instead, Haus Labs served thousands of customers overnight in 100 countries by delivering seamless and localized user experiences.  

In our latest webinar featuring Haus Labs, online brands with global aspirations will learn:

  • Why Haus Labs needed to expand from day one
  • What are the challenges of running cross-border e-commerce 
  • Overcoming the barriers of global commerce
  • How a small team managed their global launch with Flow
  • The results they’ve seen in their international markets 

By partnering with Flow, it is possible to sell cross-border quickly and efficiently. Find out how simple it is to scale globally and put your brand in front of digitally connected consumers around the world. You already have international traffic on your website; what are you waiting for? 

Watch the webinar here.

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