Cross-Border E-commerce and the Role of Guided Navigation

August 18, 2020

Don't make your global e-commerce customers hunt for what they want to buy from you.

To succeed with customers in global markets, every cross-border e-commerce retailer needs to master faceted search, also known as guided navigation. Guided navigation on a properly localized cross-border e-commerce website allows shoppers to apply multiple filters while browsing, displaying only the relevant merchandise that matches their needs.

But faceted search isn't a one-and-done capability. Displaying the right mix of attributes for guided navigation varies greatly between markets. Smart cross-border e-commerce brands have done their research and understand the differences in each market, so they can help shoppers find the products they need. In these challenging times, brands that make the extra effort to enable a frictionless shopping experience for global consumers will win big in terms of loyalty and repeat sales.

How your localized e-commerce website displays merchandise is just one part of a greater cross-border strategy. That's why the experts here at Flow have put together this quick, at-a-glance infographic that's based on our own research regarding filtering preferences across global markets. Download a free copy of the Flow infographic, "Global E-Commerce Merchandising Preferences," and learn more about the following:

  • Which filtering attributes are most important to global shoppers, broken down by market
  • Which filtering options global consumers want the most
  • Comparison of filtering options: English-speaking vs. non-English speaking markets
  • Which filtering options mattered the least to global shoppers in specific markets

Download the infographic today. Or, to speak with a Flow expert about best practices for cross-border e-commerce, get in touch to schedule a demo of our platform.

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