We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added a new case study to our website this week.  This success story features the innovative jewelry company and original pioneer of lab-created moissanite, Charles & Colvard. Known for creating this unique gemstone, Charles & Colvard is also recognized as a provider of exceptional product quality and the brand quickly resonated with global consumers.  As cross-border quickly became one of the company’s top growth drivers, international selling sat at the heart of its three-year plan.  However, friction around their international checkout experience and a lack of visibility into drivers of conversion hindered the brand from realizing it’s cross-border potential.  Their legacy solution wasn’t meeting expectations and while the brand was able to transact with international consumers, the process and management was fraught with challenges. Expensive shipping and delivery delays were common, the checkout experience for international shoppers was sub-par and confusing and there was no personalization on the site.  The whole customer experience was disjointed and conversion suffered as a result.

Enter Flow’s next-generation technology. With Flow’s solution Charles & Colvard could take back control of their customer experience. By improving their shipping, customer service, on site experience and more, Flow’s platform helped the brand to increase cross-border sales by 250% year over year. For details on how Flow’s technology and expertise helped Charles & Colvard, read our full case study here.

We are delighted to work with a brand like Charles & Colvard.  With over 20 years experience crafting exquisite products, Charles & Colvard continually refines and improves their jewelry, develops better techniques for production, and crafts fine jewelry of the highest quality. At Flow, we feel a connection to brands that disrupt their industry, as Charles & Colvard does within the fine jewelry category with their ground-breaking development of moissanite and their business practices. As they work to create products that exceed customer expectations, the brand believes in transparency in its jewelry production, and the company strives to embody the core value that business should be a force for good.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we also admire their attention to sustainable practices empowering individuals to give back, in addition to their strong socially conscious and environmentally aware values. The brand prides itself on building a sustainable business that gives back through community acts by supporting a number of causes such as partnering with Dress for Success, a program promoting and empowering women to be financially independent by providing support to succeed in the workplace. This, in addition to other initiatives, make us proud to help them on their cross-border journey to spread a powerful mission worldwide and get their brilliantly created fine jewelry into the hands of consumers everywhere.

For more information on Charles & Colvard’s global success, read our case study.