MZ Wallace Bolsters Global Success With Customer-Centric Strategy

2019-01-04T15:10:45+00:00November 5th, 2018|Customer success stories, News|

Established in 2000, MZ Wallace, an urban inspired handbag and accessories company, is now widely considered as one of the most dynamic brands in fashion. Not only have their wide range of products generated substantial demand domestically, they have also garnered a large amount of international interest. And even though MZ Wallace had been shipping internationally for some time, they knew that [...]

Carbon38 is Ready-to-Wear, Anywhere in the World, with Flow

2018-10-29T18:07:18+00:00October 19th, 2018|Customer success stories, News|

High-end athletic wear is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. Research firm Euromonitor reports that “sales of sportswear, which includes items such as yoga pants and activewear, outpaced all other categories for the third year in a row, increasing just under 7% in 2016, causing growth in other categories to look rather tame in comparison.” One of the [...]

How MVMT Optimizes International Conversion Around the Clock

2018-11-13T18:40:30+00:00July 18th, 2018|Best Practices, Customer success stories|

MVMT was founded on the idea of selling stylish, inexpensive watches direct to consumers over the Internet. In five years, the watch and accessory company successfully built a digital-only retail business with $80 million in sales, according to Forbes. It’s one thing to get people to follow a brand on social media, but it’s quite another to attract followers who will [...]