Supply Chain and Logistics: Forming A Shipping Strategy That’s Right For Your Business

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Flow was thrilled to participate in this year’s IC Summit West Coast eCommerce event in Los Angeles. A uniquely diverse, powerful and sophisticated event for attendees and partners, IC Summit West served as a catalyst for discussions among retailers. I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion about supply chain and logistics featuring executives from three exciting brands in the [...]

Three Things to Know about AI for Cross Border E-Commerce Retailers

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The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week is an extravaganza of what’s possible in consumer gadgets: jet packs, talking robots, flying cars, intelligent drones and more. For online retailers, CES may seem like more of a pie-in-the-sky trip into the future than a place to gather practical advice. But if we put aside flashy prototypes that may [...]

How to win at cross border e-commerce in Australia: Get the free eBook

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For brands and retailers whose primary language is English, Australia offers a way to bypass some of the cultural adaptation and language barriers faced when becoming an international business. But before jumping into this fast-growing market, there are some important considerations and risks for cross border e-commerce retailers. That’s why Flow’s cross border e-commerce experts created our free new ebook, "APAC’s Major [...]

4 Factors for Navigating Counterfeits and Regulations in Sporting Goods and Leisure Markets

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From Self-Care to Smart Backpacks: This is the fourth post in a five-part series where we’ll highlight product categories with global demand and the regulations and challenges to keep top of mind. For the first time in human history, half the world’s population is middle-class or wealthier, with both the time and money to indulge in hobbies, sports and other leisure activities. [...]

Three A/B Tests to Boost Global Conversion This Holiday Season

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It’s no secret that most eCommerce brands and retailers experience spikes in online traffic during the holidays, making this a prime time to run A/B tests for both your domestic and global sites. More traffic means you’ll hit confidence levels faster on your tests and gain valuable learnings for optimizing your site during the holiday rush. This allows you to iterate [...]

“Like and Share:” Top Social Media Platforms in Global Markets

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A breakdown of which social media networks are most popular in the top global markets Brands and retailers already know that social media networks are becoming increasingly dominant channels for engaging with consumers. But did you know that product discovery via social networks is now competing with search engines like Google? In her 2018 Internet Trends Report, venture capitalist Mary Meeker [...]

Which Global Markets Will Buy Your Goods?

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Your international business expansion plan depends on what you sell and where. To succeed at cross border e-commerce, brands and retailers need to identify which global markets are interested in their goods and services. There are distinct differences in cross-border e-commerce demand by country - and as we’ve covered before, some products are even banned or restricted in certain countries. In [...]

Forming a global shipping strategy: Everywhere is different

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When it comes to global e-commerce shipping and logistics, you need to think about each market individually and present an experience that meets your global customers’ unique demands and expectations. But attempting to localize all the points of sale can become complex and overwhelming. Having a basic strategy in place will ensure the process is smooth and the pricing is right [...]

How to Sell in the U.K.: Get the Free eBook

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At Flow, we want to make it as easy as possible for retailers and brands to engage in cross border e-commerce. Each installment of our “How to” series of blogs and downloadable eBooks focuses on a different country, offering resources and insights to help brands and retailers successfully launch e-commerce in that market. The latest installment will focus on one of [...]

Five Signs You’re Ready for International Expansion

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Becoming an international business is an impressive accomplishment, but not every brand or retailer is ready for the challenge. Before opening your online shop to overseas markets, there are many considerations to ensure your preparedness. For example, there’s the question of timing. Enter a market too quickly and your could find that your e-commerce business lacks the ability to scale properly, [...]