You’ve conducted the research, weighed the pros and cons and analyzed the competition. Now, your brand is ready to make the leap into new global markets. But there are still factors to consider. Our experts here at Flow have assembled a package of useful resources to help brands and retailers with every aspect of global commerce, from finding the right international e-commerce partner to ensuring every component of localizing your customer’s journey has been considered.

When you download our free International E-Commerce Kit, you’ll receive the following assets:

  • Global E-commerce RFP Template
  • Whitepaper: Step-by-Step Guide to International E-Commerce
  • Printable Cross Border E-Commerce Checklist

At Flow, our mission is to ease the logistics of cross border e-commerce for our customers and localize the shopping experience for their international consumers. Our cross border e-commerce platform is designed to alleviate any friction international brands and retailers face, such as integrating with shipping carriers and payment methods. We also solve the frustrations global customers often experience when dealing with currency conversions and the often unexpected costs associated with tariffs, taxes and shipping. We’re committed to making each transaction as seamless and local for your customers as shopping with a domestic retailer they’ve known and trusted for years.

We hope you find this kit valuable as you embark on the next phase of your cross border e-commerce journey, and please keep us in mind as you search for a vendor partner.


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