A Sneak Peek at 'Navigating the New Normal: Driving Business Growth with Cross-Border E-Commerce'

July 14, 2020

We've talked before about how more consumers are turning to e-commerce as a result of the pandemic. According to analysis of 285 brands on SimilarWeb conducted by Flow, traffic to the selection of online retailers increased by 21% year over year for the months of March and April. Even as stay-at-home orders are lifted and retail stores reopen, e-commerce brands and retailers can continue growing their revenue streams, as long as they meet the changing needs of their international customers.

As e-commerce continues to grow internationally, many domestic retailers are considering global expansion. By covering a larger geographic footprint, e-commerce merchants can generate demand in new markets, increase their reach, and recover lost revenue in the domestic market. But before jumping into cross-border e-commerce, brands need to consider the complexities and ensure that their online stores are prepared. When is a business ready to expand internationally?  Which countries should online merchants enter first? How can brands create authentic localized experiences in each market?

On Thursday, July 23rd at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, Flow will host a webinar that aims to address these questions and more. “Navigating the New Normal: Driving Business Growth with Cross-Border E-Commerce,” will examine best practices for international e-commerce and what brands and retailers need to consider when launching a cross-border strategy.

The webinar will offer a variety of perspectives on the critical role of cross-border e-commerce in a world where many consumers are still not comfortable visiting physical stores. Flow has assembled three experts in online retail: Forrester Senior Analyst Lily Varon, Flow Commerce CEO Rob Keve, and Head of eCommerce & Marketing Katelyn Glass from Rowing Blazers, a leading American fashion and lifestyle brand.

Attendees will get a first look at Forrester's latest research on global e-commerce. In addition,  Rowing Blazer will share its strategy for international e-commerce and the reasons behind their decision to partner with Flow to ensure cross-border success.

Brands and retailers interested in going global will come away from this presentation with:

  • Insights into the development of the global e-commerce market and trends driving cross-border growth
  • An awareness of the five signs that your brand is ready to go global
  • Recommendations for a successful cross-border approach no matter if your business is in survival mode, adaptive mode, or growth mode
  • Best practices for cross-border selling that increases customer acquisition and drives demand for goods in global markets
  • The top challenges brands face when entering new markets - and how to overcome them
  • Actionable steps for launching and optimizing a cross-border e-commerce strategy to achieve global business goals

There's no singular path on the journey to cross-border e-commerce expansion. Each online merchant needs to closely examine their unique circumstance. In this webinar, our expert panel will walk through multiple ways that e-commerce merchants have achieved global success.  Register today and be sure to join us on the 23rd.

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